Field Of View


This web page accepts an iTelescope name or Field of View and Position Angle, an Object Name or coordinates and produces an image to match as closely as possible the image as it will be framed in a FITS file. Images are retrieved from the STScI Digitized Sky Survey (POSS2/UKSTU Red) and rotated and cropped to match the iTelescope selected or the manually entered Position Angle and Field of View. Object names are resolved to coordinates using the SIMBAD name resolver. Image retrieval and display takes about 20 seconds.

The processed image may have small inaccuracies due to position angle inaccuracies and dithering.

Field of View and Position Angle will be used if entered. Object Name will be used if entered.

Enter iTelescope or Field Of View and PA:
iTelescope: Field Of View and PA:
(e.g. 32.8x49.2 and 90)

Enter Object Name or Coordinates:
Object Name: Coordinates (J2000):
(e.g. NGC 7331) (e.g. 11 19 34.6 +13 01 08.38)


iTelescope: T32
Object Name: M83
iTelescope: T21
Coordinates: 11 19 50 +13 17 15
(M83 fits in the Field of View) (M65, M66 and NGC 3628 in a single frame requires coordinates)

Some other examples are:
  T16 and NGC 4425 (Central area of the Virgo cluster in 1 field)
  T21 and Crab Nebula (Most proper names can be resolved)
  T24 and M42 (Object is much larger than the Field of View)
  T33 and Barnard 72